The website of the „Deutsche Gesellschaft für Bipolare Störungen e.V“. (German Society for Bipolar Disorders, also refer to section „Arbeitgruppe Neue Medien and the DGBS“) offers information for patients, their families and  professionals. There is latest information about diagnostic, therapy and research. You can also find recommendations for further reading and various contact addresses.

A website about the latest developments in research about bipolar disorder. Bipolar Network News is an online newspaper for bipolar patients. Besides, you can find information about the Life Chart method.

This website for patients and researchers wants to support the exchange between patients and researchers and therefore offers a wide range of specialist articles that can be discussed in forums.

McMan´s Depression and Bipolar Web. This is the website of a journalist and editor of the Online Newspaper who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. There is very detailed and various information about the latest developments and research.

This is the website of an American doctor. There are abstracts about scientific publications and links to books, videos and other media that deal with the topic of bipolar disorders.

These sites of the English support group „manic-depression fellowship“. There is a wide offering of information, and you can find out about interesting aspects of the work of support groups.

A website made by patients and for patients. In addition to information of the disorder, there are many links to specialist´s magazines.

This website is especially for family members of patients. There is a forum and many links to private websites about bipolar disorder.